Helen Mary Moore - She lives in the hearts of everyone who knew her

Helen chillin' on the front porch of our place in Montreal. Helen and her buddy Anita Hill at Anita's house. Caroline, Helen & me July 2005 in Montreal. We blew big bucks at Toque that night. It was Ma's 81st birthday. A Youtube video of Helen and Anita clowning with the chicken, as Dale films.

Another Youtube video. Helen, me, and Dale flying in Dale's Mooney at 9500 feet over Kentucky.

Love this picture that Dale took. Helen, Janice, Caroline, Jim, Sarah, and James celebrate Nonna's 80th birthday, Montreal, July 14, 2004. Guilliermo and Giovanni, grandchildren of Helen's cousin Giovanni Gasbarra, Rome Italy, December 2007 YouTube video of these same two, clowning around with their mother Lia. Helen, me, Denny, Gloria at the wedding of Louis Gasbara Jr. and Tracy, Oklahoma City, June 2000
Helen, her kids, her grandkids, and her daughter-in-law, Thanksgiving 2005. YouTube video - Helen indulging me as I play with a pocket camera on Thanksgiving morning. YouTube video - Having fun at James' expense. Nephew Mark, sister Gloria, and ma in Chicago. Louis, Diane, and their granddaughter Gabrielle.
Helen reading on the porch in Montreal, August 2005. Dinner in the kitchen in Montreal, August 2005. Dinner at the house of our friends the Andelfingers in Montreal, August 2005. Helen with Marie Claude, and her son (our godson) Victor, Montreal, August 2005. Dinner with Nat, Jean, and his daughter Rachel at our place in Montreal, August 2005.
Helen's sister Gloria, niece Debbie, Frank, and Jenna, November 2007. Helen celebrating Italy's World Cup victory over Germany (sort of ;-), summer 2006. Helen and Debbie, summer 2006. Helen the Hacker. Helen the (somewhat reluctant) aviator.
Helen's great friend, Cathy Dinapoli, doing the Italian thing with friends in Chicago. Cathy the equestrian. Family gathering to honor Helen - April 19, 2008... The Helen Memorial Pizza Oven that Dale's building... July 2010 The Helen Tree on Dale and Caroline's farm, August 2011.
Helen in Florida, circa 1949. Coming soon... Coming soon... Coming soon... Coming soon...







This site was designed by James W Moore, the loving son of Helen Mary Moore. I'll always love you, ma.